Predictions | 2018

First and foremost, thank you to everyone for all the feedback in regards to the prediction pages. From it, we’ve been able to hopefully refine and improve this feature for everyone.

Here are some update notes:
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Tanner Mordecai (Signed)

Total QB Offers: 6

Update 12/21:

Position Group Grade: A

Oklahoma presumably has their QB for 2018 in Kyler Murray so the need for an immediate impact guy wasn’t there. However, Lincoln Riley found perhaps his QB of the future in Tanner Mordecai. Mordecai is a big bodied, strong armed pocket passer with an underrated ability to make plays with his legs. A lot of talk will be on 2019 Spencer Rattler, but don’t sleep on Mordecai. 

Tanner Mordecai – Signed
Location: Waco, TX (Midway)
Measurables: 6’2.5″, 213 lbs.

Rank: Natl – 249. Pos – 11
Notable Offers: Georgia, North Carolina, Baylor
Trending – Signed


TJ Pledger (Signed)

Total RB Offers: 11

Update 2/7: 

Position Group Grade: A

Oklahoma returns one of the better RB duos in the country in Rodney Anderson and Trey Sermon. So there isn’t a need for a guy who can contribute right away, however they got one in IMG Academy’s TJ Pledger who is already on campus. Pledger is bit on the smaller side at 5’9.5, however he’s built a bit like Perine with strong, muscular legs.

Don’t expect to see Pledger have a substancial role in the offense this upcoming season, but do expect to see him in limited snaps as his talent is likely too much to keep off the field.

TJ Pledger – Signed
Location: Bradenton, FL (IMG Academy)
Measurables: 5’9.5″, 190 lbs.

Rank: Natl – 100. Pos – 4
Notable Offers:
Trending – Signed

Wide Receiver

Kundarrius Taylor (Signed)
Jaylon Robinson (Signed)
Jaquayln Crawford (Signed)

Total WR Offers: 24

Update 2/7: 

Position Group Grade: B+

Oklahoma really went after THEIR guys here in 2018. Ignored rankings and trusted their own evaluation. Overall, it’s hard to disagree with them here. Both Crawford and Robinson have potential to develop into strong inside WR’s for the Sooners. On the other hand, you have Kundarrius Taylor, a 6’3, 200-pound, big-bodied receiver that has big-play ability. 

What’s the issue here? Oklahoma could have reached a bit higher after Treveon Johnson did not sign early and it was apparent something was going on. The silver-lining? This 2019 WR class looks to be as deep as the come. 

Jaquayln Crawford – Signed
Location: Rockdale, TX
Measurables: 5’10” 161 lbs.
Ranking: Natl – 183rd. Pos – 9th (ATH)
Notable Offers: Texas A&M, Florida, Texas, Nebraska
Trending – Signed

Kundarrius Taylor – Signed
Location: Memphis, TN (Ridgeway)
Measurables: 6’3″, 200 lbs.
Ranking: Natl – 384. Pos – 24 (ATH)
Notable Offers: Tennessee, UCLA, Mississippi State.
Trending – Signed

Jaylon Robinson – Signed
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Measurables: 5’10”, 170 lbs.
Rank: Natl – 441. Pos – 32 (ATH)
Notable Offers: Texas Tech, Baylor, Georgia

Trending – Signed

Tight End

Brayden Willis (Committed)

Total TE Offers: 6

Update: 2/7

Position Group Grade: B

I’m a big fan of Willis so allow me to explain the grade here. The biggest knock here is it took till the 11th hour to decide to bring in a TE-H/HB prospect for 2018 knowing both Mark Andrews and Dimitri Flowers are gone. However, it seems the Sooners lucked out by stumbling upon Brayden Willis while on a trip to see another prospect. Willis is physically impressive, however what stands out the most here is the mentality.

A team-first guy who as a source I spoke to said wouldn’t schedule OV’s so he wouldn’t miss out on watching film with his HS team on Saturday’s. One thing that really hasn’t been touched on is the amount of leadership Oklahoma is losing to graduation and the NFL. If Willis can come in a bring that type of attitude, the Sooners should be alright in that department.

Brayden Willis – Committed
Location: Arlington, TX (James Martin)
Measurables: 6’4, 220 lbs.
Ranking: Natl – NA | Pos – 58
Notable Offers: Wake Forest, Air Force, Arizona, Utah State
Trending: Signed

Offensive Guard

Total OG Offers: 9

Position Group Grade: D

Oklahoma will go without signing a true offensive guard in this class. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering what they signed with their 2017 class. Still, it seems as though the Sooners were one step from signing Tank Jenkins but couldn’t overcome the momentum Texas A&M has at the moment. For that, can’t give this position more than D.

Offensive Tackle

Brey Walker (Signed)
Tramonda Moore (Signed)
Darrell Simpson (Signed)

Total OT Offers: 12

Update: 2/7

Position Group Grade: A

Where Oklahoma lacked at offensive guard recruiting, they more than made up for it at the offensive tackle position. Pulling in a haul of 5-star Brey Walker, 4-star Darrell Simpson and the top-rated JUCO OT, Tramonda Moore. While it remain to be seen if Moore will remain at the position, bringing in two 6’7″ offensive tackles should bolster their already impressive offensive line depth. 

Brey Walker – Committed
Location: Moore, Oklahoma (Westmoore)
Measurables: 6’7″, 320 lbs.

Rank: Natl – 29. Pos – 4
Notable Offers: Alabama, Georgia, Michigan
Trending – Signed

Tramonda Moore – Committed
Location: Independence, KS
Measurables: 6’6″, 330 lbs

Ranking: Natl – 3 (JUCO). Pos – 1 (JUCO)
Notable Offers: Oregon, UCLA, Oklahoma State

Trending – Signed

Darrell Simpson – Committed
Location: Justin, TX
Measurables: 6’7″, 320 lbs.

Rank: Natl – 265. Pos – 15
Notable Offers: Texas A&M
Trending – Signed

Weak-Side Defensive End

Jalen Redmond (Signed)
Ronnie Perkins (Signed)

Total WDE Offers: 10

Position Group Grade: A

Oklahoma needed prospects with elite potential along the defensive line, Oklahoma landed two good one’s in 2018. Redmond has only been playing football for two seasons, but has done nothing but impress since then, hence his 5-star rating by 247Sports. Redmond has the ability to play as a stand up OLB or a hand-in-the-dirt DE. Ronnie Perkins is more of a true-DE with a nice combination of speed, size, and power.

Jalen Redmond – Signed
Location: Midwest City, OK
Measurables: 6’4″, 233 lbs.
Rank: Natl – 135 | Pos – 8
Notable Offers: Nebraska, Ole Miss, Arizona State.

Trending – Signed

Ronnie Perkins – Signed
Location: Saint Louis, MO
Measurables: 6’4″, 250 lbs.
Rank: Natl – 65 | Pos – 8
Notable Offers: LSU, Michigan, Nebraska
Trending – Signed

Strong-side Defensive End

Ron Tatum (Signed)

Total SDE Offers: 11

Position Group Grade: A

While it may be a season before we see Ron Tatum, he brings a lot to table as far as size and ability goes. For Oklahoma to flip him from Texas was big for in-state recruiting that eventually led to landing Jalen Redmond. Keep an eye on how fast Tatum picks things up at the next level, I implied a redshirt year but the Sooners could use his size and power immediately if all goes well. 

Ron Tatum – Signed
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Measurables: 6’4.5″, 269 lbs.

Rank: Natl – 86. Pos – 3
Trending – Signed

Defensive Tackle

Jordon Kelly (Signed)
Michael Thompson (Signed)

Total DT Offers: 17

Position Group Grade: A-

For various reasons, it is always an uphill battle for the Sooners to bring in talent at the defensive tackle position. Oklahoma surpassed expectations a bit by landing Michael Thompson here late with the help of fellow St. Louis native, Ronnie Perkins. Add-in long-time Sooner commit Jordan Kelley who adds more size and length to position, and Oklahoma looks to be ending the talent drought at the DT position. 

Jordan Kelly – Signed
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Measurables: 6’3″, 292 lbs.
Rank: Natl – 455. Pos – 32
Notable Offers: Arkansas, TCU, Oklahoma State
Trending – Signed

Michael Thompson – Signed
Location: Saint Louis, MO
Measurables: 6’3.5″, 291 lbs.

Rank: Natl – 70 | Pos – 4
Notable Offers: Alabama, USC, Missouri
Trending – Signed

Inside Linebacker

DaShaun White (Committed)

Update 2/7:

Position Group Grade: B+

Looking at the momentum Texas A&M has now, it is pretty impressive that Oklahoma was able to flip the talented ILB. White is a great fit for this defense. Nice vision and ability to come downhill to meet opposing runningbacks while being quick enough to play in coverage. The only downside here… numbers. Oklahoma potentially could need one more inside guy to bolster numbers as injury problems have plagued this position for the past few seasons. 

DaShaun White – Signed
Location: Richland Hills, TX
Measurables: 6’1″, 203 lbs.

Rank: Natl – 323 | Pos – 22
Notable Offers: Texas A&M, TCU, Oklahoma State
Trending – Signed

Outside Linebacker

Brian Asamoah (Signed)
Nik Bonitto (Signed)

Total OLB Offers: 14

Position Group Grade: B+

With Obo gone, Oklahoma will look to replace his production off the edge. However, it doesn’t look like either Bonitto or Asamoah will be called upon for immediate help with Mark Jackson and Addison Gumbs poised for bigger role. That said, it’s hard to ignore what Oklaoma brough in here. Bonitto seems be a natural edge rusher that can eventually fill the role of Obo and Asamoah seems more fit for a true OLB role.

Nik Bonitto – Signed
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Measurables: 6’2.5″, 204 lbs.

Rank: Natl – 178 | Pos – 12
Notable Offers: South Carolina, Auburn, Florida
Trending – Signed

Brian Asamoah – Signed
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Measurables: 6’1″, 210 lbs.

Rank: Natl – 498 | Pos – 36
Notable Offers: Michigan, Penn State, Pitt, Kentucky
Trending – Signed


Miguel Edwards (Signed)
Starrland Baldwin (Signed)
Brendan Radley-Hiles (committed)

Total CB Offers: 31

Position Group Grade: A

Personally, I like the potential for each of the three names here as well as their versatility to play either corner or safety. The big name obviously, Brendan Radley-Hiles. Arguably the face of IMG Academy last season is already on campus and it wouldn’t be surprising to hear him pushing either Tre Norwood or Parnell Motley for their spots. It’s just the type of competitor he is. On the other hand, you have potentially nice projects in Miguel Edward and Starrland Baldwin. Both brind nice size and speed, however it’s the noticeable edge they play with that excites. Each a ball-hawk by nature, it will be interesting to see just how much they develop over the next year. 

Miguel Edwards – Signed
Location: Deerfield Beach, FL
Measurables: 6’0″, 164 lbs.

Rank: Natl – 449 | Pos – 45
Notable Offers: Alabama, Auburn, Miami, West Virginia
Trending – Signed

Starrland Baldwin Jr. – Signed
Location: Houston, TX (Cy Falls)
Measurables: 5’10”, 170 lbs.

Rank: Natl – 548 | Pos – 50
Notable Offers: Texas A&M, TCU, Oregon
Trending – Signed

Brendan Radley-Hiles – Committed
Location: Bradenton, FL (IMG Academy)
Measurables: 5’10”, 183 lbs.
Rank: Natl – 47 | Pos – 7
Notable Offers: Nebraska (committed), Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State
Trending – Signed


Patrick Fields (Signed)
Delarrin Turner-Yell (Signed)

Total S Offers: 22

Position Group Grade: C+

C+, huh? Well, personally this group just doesn’t excite, especially given that Oklahoma is replacing both of it’s starting safeties. I do like Pat Fields, as he seems like one of the more complete safeties Oklahoma has signed in recent years. Delarrin Turner-Yell is your guy if you like a hard-hitting, downhill safety. However, Oklahoma’s inability to bring in an elite safety on a years they should attract the most talent at the position is a bit of question mark.

Patrick Fields – Signed
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Measurables: 6’0″, 190 lbs.
Rank: Natl – 621 | Pos – 47
Notable Offers: Notre Dame, Texas, TCU
Trending – Signed

Delarrin Turner-Yell – Signed
Location: Hempstead, TX

Measurables: 5’10, 157 lbs.
Rank: Natl – 1029 | Pos- 81
Notable Offers: Baylor, Houston, LA Tech

Trending: Signed