Mountaineer Meltdown

I think this is a terrific idea that Chuck Chaney from Thunder Digest uses after winning. Of course he has 82+ games to come up with meltdowns and football season only has 12-14 games. Scouring the West Virginia Message Boards was fun… so much fun.  So, let us begin:

  • I’ll go first. The Sooners are going down! Forget the horns. It’s the Sooners that are going down! Warez
  • No better opportunity than tonight to finally beat the Sooners.
  • God I hope it’s not one of those games but I’d take it if we win. I’m hoping for a 48-21 type win. How great would that be.
  • If WVU is running, that’s a hold
  • Clearly OU lineman aren’t capable of committing holding. Nope. Especially not 3 of them on one damn play.
  • Why even pass against our defense? Just run the ball fifty times a game, control the clock and win,
  • Awful defense on 3rd down AGAIN!
  • If that’s not targeting, absolutley nothing is. That was with intent.
  • Rigged.
  • Why isn’t someone on our sideline demanding a review of that bullshit hit on our receiver??
  • It’s over
  • Officials are not going to let us ever win this game.
  • Rigged
  • Can we ever get a ****ing stop on 3rd down!? Just a few please!!
  • OU receivers are wide freaking open……
  • That wasn’t a late hit on Will?Are you f’ing kidding me?The fix is in…
  • ****ing defense. Get your shit together Gibson! This is at home. At least your unit played a half against OSU!
  • That’ll do it. And Grier again ****s up. I know the O line guy got blown up, but you gotta be smarter than that as a senior QB.
  • We’ll need a miracle now….better punch one in or we’re going to get buried
  • Like my 10th grade teacher said “stop staring at my ti*s!!” – sorry I meany “Its not over till its over”
  • Only if the OU offense pulls a WVU and shits the bed on a bunch of consecutive possessions in the second half. No way this defense stops OU without some help from the Sooners.
  • Tired of watching this no-defense shit.
  • Can’t tackle at all
  • This defense is making me sick
  • Rigged
  • ****ing bullshit call. 15 yards from the end of the play for unnecessary roughness. Not a spot foul.
  • Absolutely rigged
  • WV fans just created about 10 gifs..
  • That was painful
  • ****ing Grier giving them 2 TDs. The defense will have to come up with ****ing something since our offense likes to really screw the pooch when they make an error.
  • Time for a fresh start. Hope this entire staff heads west to LA or Boulder.
  • Best team that Dana has had here, still cannot beat Oklahoma……still cannot win a big game at home on prime time TV………bum.
  • Is Grier paid to throw this game?
  • So tired of OU midget quarterbacks. Just so tired.
  • Take this soft, useless 3 3 5 garbage scheme and throw it away.
  • Remember – our offense gave up 14 of those 59. Our D is awful but they gave us 2 turnovers and a stop and fg. That being said I’ve seen enough of Gibson’s defenses. Piss poor tackling, blown coverages, worst secondary I’ve seen in a long time. I guess the big 12 is happy now that Texas and ou are set to play again.
  • Close as we will get. That’s our peak, out of our league.
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