Post Game Presser

Ruffin McNeill at the Podium

»Ruffin placed a heavy emphasis on complimentary football between the offense and defense as well as practicing well.

»He placed an emphasis on the controllable aspects of the game. Don’t stress what’s uncontrollable, but it is vital to practice and prepare: that is controllable.

»Ruffin mentions that Lincoln is great at two things: knowing who the opponent is, and drowning out the noise.

»Ruffin on playing young guys in the game: He found it very important that it’s important  to have young guys prepared. The 2008 OU team taught him that he had to have backups that can play and that are ready to be productive at a high level. Says he still has nightmares of the Jump Around song. Need to develop quality depth by getting guys prepared and ready.

»Ruffin is excited to go back down to Lubbock, has good friends down there.

»Ruffin on his defense: Very proud of all of his boys. Very proud of the steps that Robert Barnes has taken this year— can plug him in run or the pass game.

Lincoln Riley at the Podium

»Thought the team played a very complete game from all three sides of the ball— took some steps to be better. Most notably Special Teams and Physicality.

»Lincoln mentions the big play ability comes back to the physicality and the ability to run the ball effectively.

»On whether or not outside noise of being called “soft” motivates them: Lincoln doesn’t necessarily say it motivated them, but they knew the ability to be the most physical team on the field would be key.

»Regarding the injury of Bookie: Nothing significant, looks promising. (Bookie was dancing on the sideline in the second half— he’s fine)

»On Kyler Murray: The guy is incredibly poised, especially when the non-scripted plays pop up.

»Getting young guys healthy has created competition, which is good. Thinks the defense has taken quite a few steps since the Bye Week. He understands what offense they’ll be facing the next week.

»He is very impressed by Jalen Redmond. After actually getting to see him play, he’s happy for him. Overall, very pleased with both young defensive ends.

»On his young running backs’ patience: they trust their front line.

»Lincoln says Kennedy Brooks has a sense of the field, space, and leveraging blocks to give him an extra awareness of the field. Has a natural feel for the game. Very impressive young back.

»Lincoln talks about having 19 completions to 12 different guys— is enamored by that stat.


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