Tomorrow is a culmination of fried foods, sweat, College Gameday, Big Tex, the state fair, the good guys in Crimson and the bad guys in Burnt Orange. Split down the middle, there are cries of joy, but at the same time somebody is bursting out in agony. It’s the same every single year— whether it’s Roy Williams being told by Mike Stoops to not dive over the line of scrimmage once again and Roy ignoring his coach’s orders to subsequently to create one of the most iconic moments in the Bob Stoops Era, or it’s Vince Young absolutely killing Venables in the Cotton Bowl. Somebody is leaving happy and somebody else is leaving with a tear in their beer.

Oklahoma has a ton of fire power, arguably more dangerous and punishing with a quick-strike force than they were last season; But throw out the records, it does not matter in the Cotton Bowl. Texas’ Defense is not as impactful as they were in 2017-18, but Herman has Ehlinger (when brain is properly functioning) at a higher level. Somebody will create their own Trey Millard moment, a Superman play, or even an overwhelming performance— the Cotton Bowl is no stranger to big plays and sways in momentum.

Red River Shootout. Red River Rivalry. Red River Showdown. I don’t give a damn what you call it, the team that wins will be the most physical one. So buckle up that chinstrap and give somebody that CTE they’ve been missing in their life, and win.


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