Oklahoma’s recruiting is starting to heat back up a bit as the Sooners, now 2-0, have been able to back-up the off-season talk while others have struggled. As long as the Sooners keep winning, expect this trend to continue which will set up at least one big recruiting weekend later this fall.

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2019 —

New predictions and notes are up. Expect more recent updates now that we are firmly in the season and Oklahoma generally recruits better during the fall. The biggest issue here is space. The Sooners don’t have a lot of room left so they’ll have to be more strategic here than in past cycles — but if a big name or two want to commit, it’s hard to see Oklahoma saying no.

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2020 —

IT’S FINALLY HERE. I know I’ve been mentioning the 2020 page is nearly done for about a month now — but this time it really is done. 2020 is STACKED across the board with talent but like 2019, Oklahoma will be a bit concerned with space. Fortunately, the Sooners off to a really good start with 4 high-profile commitments and a class that ranks 4th in the nation.

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