Five Predictions about the Fall

So, it’s about time for one of these— what will happen in the 2018-19 football season? I would not necessarily call these predictions “bold,” but they are things that I think will happen nonetheless:

-The offense does not skip a beat— They will be faster, stronger, and another year more experienced. They will average more points than last year with Kyler Murray starting at QB.

– The defense will rank in the top three of the Big XII Conference. The defensive front seven must replace Obo, but the unit as a whole will be better— I expect more pressure from the front seven, which will make the back end easier to defend.

-Oklahoma will either return three kickoffs or punts for Touchdowns, or they will block two field goals/punts. Beamer Ball is aggressive on special teams, and it is in Norman, OK.

-In a weakened Big XII, OU will play West Virginia twice next year….. They will lose one of those matchups. 

-There will be a coaching shakeup at the end of the season— and you know which side of the ball it’s going to be on.

What are yours?

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