In an attempt to make the site easier to manage and thus be able to create more content, we’re disabling the forums side for the timing being. A couple reasons for this. First, they never took off like we had hoped. We have the users, but not the activity. Second, and the biggest reason is over the past couple months we’ve seen a big uptick in the amount of spam bots signing up and posting — so much so that it takes up to an hour a day to clean up. That just isn’t efficient for a blog this size. We want to post more, manage less.

So, what now?

One of the original ideas for a the community driven side of the site was to use Discord — an all-in-one voice and chat app that allows you to create different channels and threads similar to forums, but with a simplistic approach. You can either use the site or download the mobile app. Easier to use, easier to manage. Right now, in an attempt to keep out spam bots and troll accounts, it is invite only. If you’re interested in joining — you can DM me on Twitter @OUupdatedSB and I can send one to you.


So far it looks like a lot of you are enjoying the prediction pages and we’re going to continue to fine-tune the format over the summer. The goal is to clean up the interface while adding more of the information you have requested.

Also, be on the lookout as the 2020 prediction page will release soon.