Turning Back the Clock: Bedlam

Each game week, Justin Wright turns back the clock to a previous matchup between Oklahoma and the upcoming opponent, reliving Sooner Magic from years past.

Week 10: Oklahoma State University

The Setting

December 7, 2013 — Stillwater, OK. ” A house divided against itself cannot stand.” -Abraham Lincoln, 1858.

When it comes to college football in Oklahoma during Bedlam week, the entirety of the state of the state is divided. Orange takes on a different hue from October, but it still represents the same thing. We aren’t friends. You hate us. We hate you. Only 85 miles separate Stillwater and Norman, igniting the fire of a heated rivalry between two teams proudly waving the State’s flag.

Even the fire of this rivalry couldn’t thaw out Stillwater in 2013, though. With a kickoff temperature below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, both teams walked out into a turfy tundra inside of Boone Pickens Stadium to settle who would be the kings of Oklahoma.

The Game

The cold temperatures gave both offenses fits to begin the game, with both teams exchanging four punts on the game’s first four drives. Then, in true rivalry game fashion, the teams started exchanging scores through 3 quarters. Oklahoma State scored on a rushing touchdown, and Oklahoma responded on a Jalen Saunders punt return touchdown of their own. Oklahoma State kicker Ben Grogan hit a 41 yard field goal as a magnitude 4.5 earthquake shook the state (because Bedlam…). Michael Hunnicutt responded for the Sooners to tie it at 10.

The Cowboys got a 15 yard touchdown pass from Clint Chelf to Desmond Roland early in the 3rd quarter to take a 17-10 lead, and then the game came to a screeching halt offensively. Starting quarterback Trevor Knight left the game due to injury, and backup Kendall Thompson could not jumpstart the offense. With Oklahoma State seemingly on the verge of taking control, Julian Wilson stepped up and intercepted Clint Chelf. The Sooners moved the ball all the way down to the Oklahoma State 8, but were stopped on third down.

Then, in a Sooner Magic moment that deserves a TBTC of its own, the Sooners faked a field goal and scored on a Grant Bothun touchdown pass to kicker Michael Hunnicutt. A field goal from Hunnicutt on the first drive of the 4th quarter gave the Sooners a 20-17 lead, and the momentum had swung completely in favor of the traveling Sooners. The Cowboys, however, would not go quietly, and took the lead 24-20 on a Desmond Roland 1 yard run. With 1:46 left in the game, and an offense that had struggled to move the ball effectively.

Then Blake Bell happened.

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Sooner Magic Moment

A field goal wasn’t good enough. Trying to fight through the sound of paddles slamming padded sideline walls and a hostile crowd that’s all too close to the field. Blake Bell, Oklahoma’s third quarterback of the game that began the drive at Oklahoma’s own 34 yard line. Considered a specialty power running quarterback, Oklahoma State’s schemed to shutdown his ground game. The Belldozer wasn’t phased and went to the air. After two completions to Sterling Shepard for 27 yards, he missed his next 2 targets, bringing up a pivotal 3rd down. With just 40 seconds remaining, Bell found Saunders for 13 yards moving Sooners into the redzone and a shot at stealing one in Stillwater.

His next completion would be to running back, Brennan Clay forcing Oklahoma State to call a timeout with 24 seconds left. The Oklahoma State defense would attempt regather themselves, however Bell and the Sooners offense were up to the challenge of whatever the Cowboys defense could throw at them. With mere seconds left on the clock Blake Bell would lob a pass to Jalen Saunders in the back of the endzone, all but sealing another Bedlam victory for Oklahoma.

Bell went 5-8 on the final drive for 57 yards, etching himself into the annals of Oklahoma’s historic intrastate rivalry. Heroes sometimes show up unexpectedly in huge moments, and this was no different. Blake Bell rose up to be Oklahoma’s hero in what would be another historic Bedlam game.


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