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There are a lot of reactions out there to Oklahoma 38-31 home loss to Iowa State. Instead of throwing out 20+ tweets, I thought I’d sum up a few of my quick thoughts here and add some grade at the end. Here we go:


  • First and foremost, this loss isn’t solely the fault of one single coach or player. Mike Stoops is getting a majority of the criticism, and deservingly so, but there is a lot of blame to go around — including Baker Mayfield and Lincoln Riley. More on this in a minute.
  • Did anyone wake up for this game? The atmosphere was dull, the crowd seemed relatively out of it despite welcoming back the #3 team in the nation back home. It just felt like everyone, including the fans, were just going through the motions in the first half.
  • Offensively, Oklahoma looked the part of one the nation’s top offenses on their first two drives. True-freshmen, CeeDee Lamb and Trey Sermon both came away with touchdowns. However Lamb would land awkwardly on his left shoulder and leave the game. It is unclear what exactly the injury is, but Lamb was on the sideline walking around with no ice or shoulder sling.
  • The offensive line again didn’t look as dominate as they were to begin the season. They weren’t necessarily bad, but never really took over the game.
  • Oklahoma’s offense, without both CeeDee Lamb (shoulder) and Abdul Adams (foot) slowed down dramatically.
  • I never got the sense of any urgency from the defensive coaches on the sideline. After an awful series where ISU scored and then converted a 2-point conversion, the team was met with clapping and high-fives. It didn’t seem as though anyone was being held accountable for their mistakes, and thus they continued to happen.
  • On the flip side, Jeff Badet was benched the rest of the game after bobbling a screen pass into the air, which was nearly intercepted. Riley certainly was sending a message, but I would have liked to see Badet get another chance in the 4th quarter, where the offense nearly stagnant.
  • With the the top wide receiver benched and the second-leading receiver injured on the sidelined, I thought Lincoln Riley’s play-calling did not do any favors to the offense. Oklahoma continued to pass but with far less success than they had in the first half. The run game was there, but without the one-two-punch that was Adams and Sermon. Ideally, Marcelias Sutton would have come in to give Oklahoma back some of that speed and elusiveness, but Oklahoma opted to be predictable with Sermon.
  • Tackling was atrocious and outright embarrassing for a team of this caliber. Physically, Iowa State was the better team. The Oklahoma defense wanted no part of matching that physicality instead going for arm and ankle tackles that allowed the ball carrier a minimum of a yard and half after contact. That has to change.
  • So, last point. Mike Stoops. Oklahoma should have been far more prepared to take on the Cyclones, especially coming off a bye-week. Players were visibly confused throughout the game and again, lacked that sense of urgency that is derived from coaching. Before today, Iowa State QB, Kyle Kempt had just 2 completions for 15 yards…

    Today, he went off for 343 passing yards and 3 touchdowns. Last week, Baylor’s Zach Smith had 279 passing yards going into the match-up with Oklahoma. He ended up with a career-high 463 yards and 4 TD’s. These are damning numbers and if they don’t put Mike Stoops on the hot seat, I’m not sure what will.


Offense –
QB: B, Mayfield impressed through the air and on the ground, but didn’t make the plays late.
RB: B+, Sermon played well in the absence of Abdul Adams.
WR: C, After losing CeeDee Lamb, the offense took a step back.
TE: C, Mark Andrews came up with 50 yards, but a key drop in the endzone proved to be costly.
OL: B, Again, the 0-line looked good, but didn’t play up to their ability.

DL: D, No consistent play-makers here.
LB: F, Arm tackles, missed tackles, bad penalties… no need to say more.
CB: F, Again, the stats a pretty damning.
S: F+, Only reason there is + here is Steven Parker came up with a TFL.