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Sooners off their bye week take on the Iowa State Cyclones tomorrow. Kickoff is slated for 11 a.m CST and will be broadcasted on FOX. Oklahoma is looking to quiet critics tomorrow after a sloppy performance in Waco nearly cost them the game. Lincoln Riley stated several times that they’ve been working to address the issues lead to the Sooners giving up 463 yards to a struggling 0-5 Baylor. Fortunately, they’ll have the luxury of playing in front of a home crowd this week and an Iowa State offense that is without their starting QB.

The Keys:

  • Remember who you are. I expect Oklahoma come out firing on offense once again, but they cannot repeat the mistakes they made in Waco. The Sooners got a little greedy going up 14-0 early in the first quarter. Instead of establishing a run game, Oklahoma opted to continue testing the deep ball, making the offense painfully one-dimensional. The Sooners need to return to a balanced attack off run, pass, and play action. The deep ball really hasn’t been there all season, no need to force when you have an effective nickel-and-dime passing game and solid stable of running backs.
  • Speaking of play-action, Iowa State has been very vulnerable to pass, especially the play-action pass this season ranking 107th in yards allowed. That said, the passing game won’t be nearly as effective as it should be without a consistent run game to keep the Cyclones honest.
  • Pressure, pressure pressure. This one is pretty obvious, the Oklahoma defensive line hasn’t done a lot since Ohio State. Considering it is looking like QB by committee tomorrow for the Cyclones, this would be a good situation to dial up pressure early and as often as possible. Force whoever is to beat with his arm while mixing up your blitz packages throughout the game.
  • Play consistent in coverage. Prove last week was an anomaly rather than a weakness in your secondary. All reports suggest everyone is or near 100%, that means no excuses this time around.
  • Force turnovers. Again, Iowa State is playing with a QB that has yet to throw a ball this season. It is incredibly difficult to go from never playing to starting QB, especially against the number three ranked team in the country. Second guesses, misfires, and bad decisions are bound to happen — take advantage of them.

Score Prediction:

No reason this one should even be close. Oklahoma SHOULD dominate on both sides of the ball given their talent level. The Sooners offense should have the Cyclones defense on their heels from the get-go. Iowa State, without their starting QB will be mostly one-dimensional, which doesn’t fair well for RB, David Montgomery. Oklahoma wins, 63-10.