Panic Meter: Baylor

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I hope your Monday has been great! Surely you took on the day with a bit more aggression than Mike Stoops’ play calling on Saturday night. The game in Waco featured some great things, some ugly things, and some nauseating things. So, let’s get on to the review:

The Offense:

  • I thought the run game went well when it wasn’t abandoned. Lincoln Riley or Baker Mayfield (he has quite a bit of control of the offense) checked out of quite a few runs into passes that were largely downfield.
  • Abdul Adams and Trey Sermon were GREAT when they were given opportunities. Oklahoma has a top 5 OL unit IN THE COUNTRY, use it when you have it. It was not utilized like one would hope until the Sooners were against the ropes.
  • Ceedee Lamb continues to be a great freshman and has already surpassed Jeff Mead’s career yardage.
  • Mark Andrews continues to come up big early, to disappear later in the game.
  • Jeff Badet is FAST. He’s not very shifty, but get that man into space.
  • The Offensive Line left much to be desired for most of the game, but took over when necessary.

– Overall, the offense put up 49 points. That’s that. Should they have scored 50+? Probably.

Grade: B+

The Defense: 

  • The defense dropped the best pass rusher in the country into coverage far too often
  • There was a lack of pressure since Mike Stoops only rushed 3
  • When Oklahoma had to defend against the run, they fit it relatively well
  • DBs are a concern, but I may attest that to the bodies that are and aren’t back there
  • Jordan Thomas HAS to be better. He single-handedly kept Baylor in the game. But…..
  • Typically nothing good comes from giving a quarterback plenty of time and letting receivers find holes behind linebackers once they’ve escaped their man on a slant route.

– Overall, there are things that need to be cleaned up. This isn’t something where Oklahoma doesn’t have the guys, they just need to be addressed.

Grade: C-


  • Lincoln Riley says Jordan Thomas is fine and that the walking boot may be precautionary. I know there was speculation that he had a high ankle sprain which typically recovers in 4-6 weeks, but it seems as if that may not be the case.
  • Health in general— The Bye Week couldn’t have come at a better time. Will Johnson, Robert Barnes, Matt Romar may all be back by Iowa State, likely by Texas. Also, the Sooners will add Amani Bledsoe next weekend against the Cyclones. Cody Ford is progressing and Ben Powers is banged up; Again, a great time to have a bye week.

    Should Sooner fans be panicking after the show that was given to them after Saturday? I say no. If Oklahoma had difficulty stopping the run and also difficulty running the ball, it would be panic time— but they didn’t. However, if Oklahoma keeps pursuing to only rush three guys and drop many into coverage, it will be bad news against the likes of TCU, OSU, TTU, WVU & Texas.

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