End of an Era looming?

Image via The Daily Oklahoman

David Boren has announced that he will step down as The President of the University of Oklahoma following the Spring Semester in June of 2018— just one year after Bobby Stoops. The news came shocking to some, but not nearly as shocking as the Stoops announcement. Many have wondered, “what does this mean for Joe Castiglione? Will he become the new President? Will Stoops become the new Athletic Director once Joe C. steps into Boren’s old role?” Those questions will be answered later, and it will be a developing process through the coming year. There are possible internal candidates such as Joe Harroz from the College of Law, or Daniel Pullin from the Business College; But it would be a disservice to the University not have a nationwide search before deciding on the next President in Norman.

I don’t think any of this suggests that Joe Castiglione may be retiring as some of suggested that the “Big Three” between Stoops-Castiglione-Boren were finally departing. Also, Joe would be crazy to take on the role of President when his salary is more than double that of the former Congressman. Here’s what we should be doing: Admiring.

Before David Boren became the President of The University of Oklahoma, earning a degree from Norman was nowhere near as prestigious as it currently is. He has progressed the School into an era of Athletic AND Academic success— it’s very clear that they are one of the leaders for National Merit Scholars. David Boren is the most articulate, successful, student-centered official at the University since George Lynn Cross and it’s something to be celebrated.

It’s quite apparent Oklahoma will have seen another legend ride off into the sunset after this academic year, but it will provide opportunity to carry on and permeate tradition.

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