Stoops’ Era Linebacker

Image from Athlon Sports

When compiling a list of the best Linebackers under Bobby Stoops, one may find that it’s quite difficult to differentiate between crowd favorites and most productive. There was no way that I could only post one poll in order for Sooner Nation to pick their favorite linebacker, so there were eight men to choose from, then four. Here are the results:

I was pretty surprised that Torrance Marshall didn’t receive more love in the preliminary poll— but that said, this is what we’re left with. What’s interesting here is that only Eric Striker was born out of The Great State of Oklahoma. Both Calmus and Lehman are Tulsa boys, Lofton being from Kingfisher. Regardless, Rocky Calmus was a punisher of quarterbacks, a terrorizer of fullbacks and running backs, a two-time Consensus All-American, a National Champion, a Butkus Award Winner for best linebacker in the country, and an overall badass.

enjoy the highlights below:


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