Who is your Stoops’ Era Receiver?

Image via The Oklahoman

Man, I love the Twittersphere. It’s truly a piece of art.  I posted a poll regarding Wide Receivers and it was the one that received the most backlash– especially between generation gaps of people. So, here are the results:

As one can see, it was actually pretty close in terms of outcome; But the backlash of people old enough to see early 2000s Sooner Football was not kind. And, to an extent, I totes agree with the older crowd that younger folk need to go watch videos of Clayton— dude was FAST. Myself, I voted for Shep because he’s an Oklahoma boy, has ties to the program by birthright, has arguably the best hands out of this bunch, ran sick routes, and had just enough swag to push him over the top. Also, it doesn’t hurt that he’s going to have the best NFL career out of these four individuals, so my intentions of him being better than Kenny are pretty clear.

So, enjoy and try not to cry from the highlights of Yung Shep below:

Try watching this without crying:

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