The Uniform Conundrum

Image via SoonerSports

The other day, I polled the Twittersphere on whether or not they’d support new and unique alternate uniform combinations other than the “Roughriders” that they’ve been wearing. Here are the results:

That’s a really tight vote. Many people suggested that they wouldn’t mind different uniforms that included black in them, but wanted crimson incorporated in it as well.

Here’s the image that came to mind when I thought of black and chrome:

But, others wanted something like what the Stanford Cardinal used a few years back:

Regardless, Sooner Nation is pretty split upon the idea of unique uniforms that don’t fully encompass Crimson and Cream. The trend isn’t hard to find—younger generations tend to believe that differences in uniforms are fun, cool, and help recruiting. Whereas the older generations tend to believe that the Sooner uniforms that have been static since the Switzer Era are a pinnacle of tradition, honor, and also unique in-themselves.

Personally, I believe tradition isn’t in the uniforms that the players wear, but the name and institutions that those players and uniforms are associated with. It’s okay to switch it up every now and then, but one thing always remains constant— The University of Oklahoma is being represented regardless of those pieces of cloth……. Not to mention Oklahoma has experienced numerous uniform changes sine the Wilkinson Era.

  • drew T

    I agree that there should be alternate uniforms and I am a fan of the alternates we have I don’t want to be like Oregon or osu and have 30 different combinations. I feel like it hurts teams in a way especially if fans show up to a game wearing all orange (pass) and the team is decked out in grey

  • Sooner Ray

    No black. Everyone has done it to death.

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