Who’s Your Fullback?

(Image via Dallas Morning News)

The other day, I posed a question on the Twittersphere based upon which famous Stoops-era fullback one would prefer. The candidates were JD Runnels, Aaron Ripkowski, Trey Millard, and the current Dimitri Flowers; Here are the results:

Well, that’s pretty overwhelming, huh? I was for sure that Runnels would get more love— or maybe even Ripkowski being the only one (besides Flowers) to have a legitimate NFL career.

Trey was a unique football player. He could play both the Y and H at tight end, fullback, halfback, and special teams. Since the people have demanded what they want in overt fashion, enjoy the following clips as an ode to Trey Millard:

…. Yeah. He was pretty good.

  • drew T

    Runnels would be my vote. I didn’t see the poll before voting was done. He always was one of those guys who worked hard on the field at a role that never gets a lot of praise and seemed like a good guy off the field

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