Riley Dons First Addition to Staff

(Image via 247 Sports)

Head Coach Lincoln Riley (still weird) made his first addition to the Sooner Staff this afternoon with a familiar name— Ruffin McNeill. The new hire comes from the University of Virginia where he was a defensive line/assistant Head Coach. Of course, the line goes back much further than that, Riley was McNeill’s offensive coordinator at East Carolina and they were also compadres in Lubbock under Mike Leach before the Adam James fiasco.

The idea right now is to split jobs with Thibodeaux between DE/DT spots (the way it used to be in early-mid 2000s). But, McNeill may also have some input into the defense as a whole as well. While at Texas Tech, McNeill turned their defense into a respectable unit— something that hasn’t been that way in a long time. I also suspect that Ruffin will be able to recruit the East Coast much more efficiently than in the past seasons.

McNeill is known as a players’ coach— they love playing for him. His ability to relate and coach his players is something that’s far too often overlooked. It is a solid hire for Riley, and McNeill will be welcomed to Norman.

Enjoy the tweets and videos of McNeill below:

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