Style —
Much more modern than the the exterior. A lot of Nike influences. High-end, modern, sleek.

Locker Room —
Football shaped with lockers/stalls lining the walls. It is located underneath the south endzone seating.

Player’s Lounge —
Attached the locker room is a the player’s lounge that is about a little over a third of the size of the locker room.

Nutrition Bar —
I saw a rendering of it, not sure where it is located. However, I have heard they’re excited to see how it helps after practices, before games, and during halftime.

Hype Room —
There is room connected to the east side of the locker room/players lounge referred to the hype “Hype Room” and will lead into the the tunnel to run onto the field. From what I understand highlight videos and music will be playing in here. I can’t confirm 100{90cbdbedcebe3734fdfdeb1f9843068779d1ec8d5ef30619baff100fe391d921} but I somewhat recall there may be video walls in there.

Indoor field —
60 yards in length, not sure about width. Located right behind the front lobby area and connected to the weight room.

Weight Room —
It looks a little bit scaled down in size, but much more spacious than the previous one.

Team Meeting Room —
Saw two separate renderings. Either it is one big room that can be divided into two or they don’t have it finalized just yet.

Position Rooms —
Each group will have their own room. The rooms have 3 to 4 levels of seats. Each room will have the position group printed along the wall going up the ceiling. The walls will be dry-erase board material.

Barbershop —
Inside the player’s lounge will be a barbershop. It is labeled on the floor plan, but I didn’t see any renderings of it. Just a note, this has been a popular addition in other renovations around the country.

Hydrotherapy Room —
Pretty luxurious. Big pool with two smaller pools on the side and a waterfall coming out of the wall. Stone wall with 3 or 4 tv’s embedded in it.

Lobby —
Conference and National Championship trophies will be displayed in the middle of the room. Accomplished Sooners in the NFL will be displayed behind them to the right, bowl trophies will be on the wall to the left. Directly behind the middle display will be the Heisman trophies.

Coaches Offices —
Offices are located above the weight training rooms, which may look down onto the indoor field, parts of the weight room.

Pictures —