Jeremiah Hall

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Position: Fullback, Tight End-H
Ht: 6’3″ Wt: 220 lbs
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Ranking: 644th overall – 27th at his position (3-Star)

North Carolina native, Jeremiah Hall, is looking to be the next man up behind Dimitri Flowers. Flowers, as you know, is the jack-of-all-trades in Lincoln Riley’s offense. Hall has the size and frame that will allow him to grow into the same type of athlete Flowers has become. Big enough to hold his own against a linebacker or defensive end, but light enough to be a threat as a runner or as a receiver. That being said, while looking to be used in a similar role, Hall is not an identical replica of Flowers.

Watching his senior tape, you can see the versatility that has Lincoln Riley and the Oklahoma staff excited. Hall is a strong runner and proficient pass catcher that can lineup differently in many formations. Whether that be as a traditional fullback, or flexed out as a receiver, Riley will have a way of utilizing Hall’s talents.

Beginning with the ground game, Hall has the frame to develop into an athlete like Flowers. At 6’3, and already 220 lbs., there is no reason to believe Hall can’t reach 235 without skipping a beat. On that topic, Hall may be the fastest and most agile prospect they’ve landed for the position in recent years, and that is saying something. His running style is closer to that of a running back, rather than a true fullback. He’s got the size and strength to run through arm tackles, but also has enough shake to make defenders miss. It will be interesting to see how this translates at the next level as past Oklahoma backs have been more power runners.

As a receiver, you can tell Hall has put in work to perfect his routes. Watching his film from Rivals Camp, Hall runs crisp and decisive routes without lot of wasted motion allowing him to get separation. Throughout his film, he does a nice job of leveraging his size against the smaller DB’s when split out wide. One thing to watch here– in Riley’s offense, he projects to be positioned more as slot/flex. When positioned inside, his speed could be a potential mismatch against linebackers.

In past years, Oklahoma has been spoiled with excellent fullbacks. Trey Millard, Aaron Ripkowski, and Dimitri Flowers have been integral pieces of their respective offenses. All of them turned out to be tremendous leaders among their teammates. Will Hall be next? The potential is certainly there.

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