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The Sooners, fresh off their big win at the Sugar Bowl, received some big news this morning. Just in, 4-star offensive tackle, Adrian Ealy has joined the 2017 class. Oklahoma has long been after the highly-touted OT from Louisiana, but as you know, The Boot is a tough place to recruit for out-of-state schools. However, Bill Bedenbaugh proves why he is one of the best offensive line coaches in the nation by going into Louisiana and pulling out Ealy:

Adrian Ealy ranks 29th at his position and 266th nationally. He becomes the 24th commitment in Oklahoma’s 2017 class which ranks 6th nationally by 247Sports and 5th by Rivals.

Writer’s Analysis

Next Orlando Brown? Not quite ready to say that just yet, but physically, Ealy compares nicely to Brown’s high school stature. At 6’7″ with long arms and flexible hips, Ealy does have the project-ability to be next in line when Brown moves on to the NFL. The only difference between the two is that Ealy will need to add 20-30 pounds before he steps onto the field for fall camp in August.

The only knock on him is that he does have heavy feet. That shows in his initial reaction off the snap in his pass-pro. Ealy’s feet are heavy, but also sturdy. He uses that to turn the defenders hips, taking him out of the play completely. Not quite a mauler yet, but Ealy does have a pretty powerful first punch. To me, that is more of development and technique thing. Ealy certainly has the athletic ability to become a mauler on the edge, just needs some time in the weight room. 

On film, Ealy stays in a three point stance. That is tough for a guy that is 6’7″. He’ll be in a two point stance when he takes the field at Oklahoma. The benefits will be numerous. Better field of vision will allow him to drop his hips more, and should also help his footwork quite a bit. For Bill Bedenbaugh, this is a huge win. Not only does he pull a guy out of Louisiana, he also gets a guy who was in the same mold of future NFL OT, Orlando Brown. Even better, he’ll have ample time to develop him in the weight room and on the field.