Interrogation of Joe Mixon Brings New Facts

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Interrogation of Joe Mixon Brings New Facts

It is apparent that some rumored parts of what happened in the early morning hours on July 25th, 2014 inside Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe is not true. This recorded interrogation of Joe Mixon was released this morning by the Oklahoman shows that. In this interrogation, we learned Mixon’s side to the story and some of the witness statements. Here is Joe Mixon’s side of the story:

  • The actual beginning of the argument started outside whenever Amelia Molitor’s friend started to smoke a cigarette by Joe Mixon.
  • At that point, Mixon moved away, and Molitor came and blew smoke from a cigarette in his face. That is when Mark Andrews intervened, as well as Christian Daimler, Wesley Horky, and Matt Dimon. She looked at Mark Andrews and said “you never met a ***** like me.” This argument continued.
  • From this point, Molitor went inside and that is when the video and the interrogation became side-by-side.
  • Mixon entered Pickleman’s after hearing her speak on her side of what is going on outside to David Smith. Molitor then said that she felt that she was going to get jumped by the group of Horky, Mixon, Andrews, Daimler, and Dimon, which is when Mixon began to talk.
  • Amelia Molitor’s friend then either called Joe Mixon the “N” word or described him as one to another person at the table. That is when Joe Mixon called the friend, who was gay, a homophobic slur and was going to walk off.
  • The video then speaks for itself. She approached Mixon because she was “enraged” by the homophobic slur, she pushed him, put her hands on his neck, slapped him, and that is when Mixon retaliated with the finishing punch because it “felt like a man” hit him. Mixon then left the scene outside and sat on a park bench on Campus Corner.

This is Joe Mixon’s side of the story in its entirety. He does change the story some in the hour long video, but this is the story he sticks by at the end.

Now, although we do not get to hear Molitor speak, we do get to hear her side of the story at the end:

  • Started off by Molitor and her friend walking down the street towards Pickleman’s when some people began to harass her and her friend. She says that the harassment was about Molitor’s friend being gay, and that the people (Michiah Quick, Joe Mixon, Christian Daimler, Wesley Horky, Mark Andrews, and Matt Dimon) were being vulgar towards her gay friend.
  • Then, her and her friend went inside because they were upset about it.
  • Mixon then follows her in and continues to harass her friend and even continues to harass her friend while Mixon stops walking once he arrives at the table.
  • At the table (right before physical contact), Molitor’s friend moves away from Mixon because he was scared and intimidated. At that point, Molitor’s friend does not say a word to Mixon, and the two do not have any conversation.
  • The instant Mixon moves towards her friend is when Mixon uses the homophobic slur.
  • She was then “enraged” by Mixon’s use of the homophobic slur and pushes Mixon. Mixon then spits on her whenever he fake punches her to tell her to stop. Molitor then slaps Mixon, and he reacts with a punch.

Now, here are some of the interesting statements that the public was able hear that were used in the video interrogating Joe Mixon:

  • Christian Daimler said that, “It was almost as if she was looking for a fight.”
  • Paris Townsend, a former OU softball player, told Mixon’s attorneys that Molitor was quoted in the bathroom as saying, “Do not call the police, I do not want the police involved, I do not want to look stupid.” Molitor is also quoted as saying that she does not remember anything that happened.
  • In the interrogation room, Joe Mixon’s attorney makes the comment, “I will be curious to see if she ever joins us in Norman again.”

Quick answers to those who have a ton of questions still:

  1. It is still unknown if Amelia Molitor used the “N” word towards Joe Mixon. Some have reported it, and sources have told me that she in fact said that to him at least once. From this interrogation video, we still do not know. We do know that Molitor’s friend used the “N” word at or describing Mixon whenever Mixon showed up at the table.
  2. Joe Mixon does not claim he was spit on. I have carefully examined a picture that does show a white “object” coming from one mouth to the other right before contact, and it does look like it is coming from Molitor. However, at the end of the interrogation video, Molitor did claim that she was spit on by Mixon in her report. It is still unknown if any spit was thrown one way or the other. I will say, it is definitely hard to say that the white “object” is spit with 100{90cbdbedcebe3734fdfdeb1f9843068779d1ec8d5ef30619baff100fe391d921} certainty, but it does in fact look like spit whenever you stop the video right before contact.
  3. The way the investigators talk at the end of the video, I think we can all agree that the notion that the Norman PD is “supporting the University of Oklahoma because they are in Norman” is indeed false. He was going to charge Mixon based off the accounts he had to that day.
  4. As the investigator mentioned, and something I mentioned on the latest podcast, Mixon had a couple options- He could’ve walked away and gotten away from the situation, or he could’ve used a push or just have held her arms to get her to stop. In that regard, we would be talking about assault solely on Amelia Molitor.

I am going to reinforce this thought from my previous article, The Case of Joe Mixon:

Let me make this absolutely certain: I do not condone hitting a woman. Nor do I condone using racial slurs. The video is terrifying. It shows what a football player can do a common person.

Violence against women is an issue. Abusing our right of freedom of speech is an issue. This situation is bringing even more awareness to both– Remember that this is all began with a choice of words from both sides. Take a second to think about what you’re saying. Choose your words wisely. These are issues that aren’t exclusive to Oklahoma and it will take us all together to put an end to these social problems. Educating our young men and women that violence is never a solution, physical or verbal — which is something that we all can agree on.

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