The Case of Joe Mixon

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The Case of Joe Mixon

As I watched a short video of a man forcefully punching a woman, I was speechless. I could not believe what I just watched. Oklahoma’s running back, Joe Mixon, just violently struck a woman and left without any sympathy. I’m still in shock.

The question still remains: Did Joe Mixon deserve to get kicked off  the team, or should he have been allowed to stay?

The video, which was released just over four hours ago, will define two humans for the rest of their lives. Amelia Molitor and Joe Mixon will never be known by their names anymore. She is, “the woman who was punched by Joe Mixon”, and he is the “woman beater from Oklahoma.” As a young adult, it’s hard to realize that.

Bob Stoops and various University officials punished Joe Mixon by removing him from the team befor his true-freshman season. To this day, he still has to follow guidelines that the University of Oklahoma has set. These guidelines are not public knowledge, but are to an addition to his grade requirements and other sorts of student conduct. To this point, he has not had any issues that would cause him to compromise this undisclosed agreement.

In an interview with the Oklahoman, it shows that Molitor has also been punished — victim shaming is just one of the everyday issues she’s incurred since that night. Amelia deleted all of her social media platforms due to constant personal attacks. In addition, her former police mugshots were being posted everywhere for everyone to see. She was punished as well; She did not feel like she mattered anymore.

The punch. Something that has been talked about for over two years, has finally reached its peak. The video was released and the backlash upon it has been as expected. Opinions on the incident are being thrown everywhere on social media, if you couldn’t tell.


Would it have been wrong to let go of Mixon after the incident? Absolutely not. They could have easily rid themselves of the situation.

Should Joe Mixon have been allowed to stay as a student-athlete at the University of Oklahoma?


Here’s why:

Whenever Joe Mixon decided to break Amelia Molitor’s jaw, he forced his head coach and administrators to make a very tough decision. Instead of expelling Joe Mixon from Oklahoma, they kept him. They forced him to abide by a set of rules and guidelines that allowed him to grow as not just a student-athlete, but as a human being.

The alternative, Joe Mixon could be at UCLA, or any other school back home with no rules, no guidance, and no discipline outside of sitting out due to a transfer rule.

Mixon could be somewhere else seemingly unpunished, allowed to take up all the extra curricular activities some college students choose to do during their spare time. Maybe most of all, he wouldn’t have face the backlash he does living in Oklahoma. Instead, Stoops took him in– He took on the responsibility of ensuring he was accountable, keeping him out of trouble, and answering the media’s questions when they commonly surfaced. From reports, Joe has kept his nose clean and embraced the requirements Bob placed on him two years ago. Further praise has come from Offensive Coordinator, Lincoln Riley who goes as far to say that Mixon will be a team captain before his time is done at Oklahoma.

If Joe Mixon left for another school and had another incident, then Bob Stoops, Joe Castiglione, and David Boren would have accomplished nothing. Nothing at all. He had just turned 18 a couple hours earlier. He made a HORRIBLE life decision.  He ruined the public’s viewing of him as a person in the community. What would have kept him from repeating? If he had left and done something in the same light elsewhere, then it would have reflected upon Bob Stoops and company.

This situation has brought down the University, Bob Stoops, Joe Castiglione, and David Boren; it will be a permanent scar for the football program and Oklahoma Athletics. At the same time, scars tell a story. Oklahoma stuck their neck out for a kid that made an appalling decision and Mixon will continue paying the price for it. However, not everything is negative. Since the incident, Joe has represented the University just like any other student has. Outside of a parking ticket, he has followed all necessary and mandated guidelines. Stoops and company have slowly but surely, been turning Mixon’s life around. Could Joe have done it elsewhere? Sure. However the staff knew him more than anyone else and understood the amount of effort it would take to help him.

Let me make this absolutely certain: I do not condone hitting a woman. Nor do I condone using racial slurs. The video is terrifying. It shows what a football player can do the common person. With that being said, I still stand behind Oklahoma’s decision to keep Joe Mixon in spite of the recent events that have unfolded tonight. They allowed a young man to grow under their tutelage, and I believe that should not go unnoticed.

Violence against women is an issue. Abusing our right of freedom of speech is an issue. This situation is bringing even more awareness to both– Remember that this is all began with a choice of words from both sides. Take a second to think about what you’re saying. Choose your words wisely. These are issues that aren’t exclusive to Oklahoma and it will take us all together to put an end to these social problems. Educating our young men and women that violence is never a solution, physical or verbal — which is something that we all can agree on.


  • Greg

    Well written! I agree 100%

    • RufWriter

      Appreciate it!

  • unreal123

    The mental gymnastics one has to go through to come to terms with the despicable deeds an individual who wears the jersey of the football team they root for is astounding. the football coach and university president bent over backwards to defend this person after seeing this video. To defend or try to rationalize this behavior in any way is unacceptable.

    • Oklahoma Updates

      First off, thank you for reading.

      Secondly, They didn’t just see the video. They looked into the whole situation based on the validity of the case. They chose to take him in still. None of us will know why, but looking back on it now, I probably would have to. Great football player, walk-on, etc., I believe I can help a young adult learn from this horrible decision he made. They’ve kicked off other players for far less stuff. Those players like Rhett Bomar and Josh Jarboe are 5* and 4* kind of players.

      This narrative that they are protecting him because of the caliber of player he is is embarrassing. The video is not the only part of the situation. Both young adults made poor decisions that night. Let’s fix those social issues instead of focusing on something else.

    • Brian Hulett

      And your snap judgment, without fully investigating what led to this obviously unacceptable action on Joe Mixon’s part, is also unacceptable. Did you even read enough of the story to realize this out of control young woman had accosted him and his friends outside with racial slurs, and then when one escaped inside the restaurant she followed him in and kept up the abuse? When Mixon followed her in to continue trying to deescalate the situation, she physically assaulted him.
      Violence against women is unacceptable. Racial slurs are unacceptable. The situation is unacceptable. Both acted badly. Both will pay for the rest of their lives. Your need to execute your own judgment against one of them is ALSO unacceptable, but it’s the cost of free speech. Just remember your opinion means exactly as much as mine.

  • leemetoride

    I watched a girl jump up ” Push a guy than proceed to choking him” I guess that’s excusable! Oh oh she is Bi-Polar!! Oh I see she is excused for pushing, slapping , choking! ” BS” Has a mother of all boy’s I raised them to not hit a girl. I take it all back. If a girl can jump up and start fighting a man than by gosh he has every right to defend his self! If he would of push her to the ground he still would of been a beater. She would still be a victim. Tell yah what my oldest had son had one that like t beat on him and he took an awful beating. Part of his lip bit off . So I did what a mother should do! I whoop her ass!!! My kid you leave your hands off him,cause you know he isn’t going to hit back! But his mother does! There is women that hit on men and the law say’s nothing. Suck it up.. How they the know men should walk away. Have yah ever research how many men or victims of abuse! It’s time we has Mothers put these evil witches in their place. Step back son.. Let mom whoop her ass! Tell the whole story and show the whole video media world! And she should of be charged with assault first.. we just seen two videos the media let you see.

    • TAK-J

      Most definitely agree with this!

  • leemetoride

    Also for the record. I don’t condone women hitting men and using the Bi- Polar card.. keep your hands off each other . Violence against men is real. They are made to take slaps. Black eyes, hair pulling , push out a window to their death cause old crazy girl has issues… Best tell both sides and show where she initiated the hitting. I do not condone it on both sides.. But she needs to be punished has well. You bet her name is scared.. Any mother sees her with there son .. They now know she is a guy beater.. be prepared to defend your son. To Mixon, he hits back, be prepared if you slap him he don’t care if your bi-polar.. He is hitting back… To wrongs don’t make a right but don’t blame one and not the other..

  • Susan

    I totally disagree. Bob and company didn’t do this out of some morale higher ground to help him. It was because he was so good. If they had done this for a walk on athelete then I would praise them. This was self serving and nothing more. Open your eyes people.

    • Oklahoma Updates

      First off, thank you for reading.

      Secondly, I understand your stance. This is the same thought as many. I think the decision is as difficult. Bob and Company are getting what they deserve right now. They have kept someone with a situation like this.

      I just believe, morally, that it was probably more difficult to make a decision. David Boren and Joe Castiglione have been adamant about keeping a clean program. This is a situation that was new to them and they decided to keep him. I, nor you, know why they kept him. This is just how I believe I would handle it, and how some across the country that I have read.

      • Susan

        You’re right, we don’t know why for sure. But it sure feels that way. If they were equal in their treatment of athletes that weren’t as talented or could do as much to win ball games then I would tend to believe the best of intentions. There’s just a motivator that is a big one that makes me firmly believe it was self serving and because he was THAT good. They just couldn’t help themselves. Our society is to blame as well, there is too much emphasis on sports and winning that this type of thing is excused and rationalized away. It’s sad that life isn’t valued more.

        • Oklahoma Updates

          I would say this. Rhett Bomar (5*) and Josh Jarboe (4*) were both kicked off the team for situations that aren’t near the severity that Mixon’s situation is.

          The racial part of it throws a uniqueness to it. Oklahoma was going to catch grief from it either way. It is why it makes “choosing sides” so difficult. That is why I stay in the middle.

          • Susan

            They should have taken the higher ground and take the backlash for that. Plus another reason I don’t buy the “help him” story, there was a recruit that was kicked out of another school for shoving his girlfriend down some stairs and Bob let him on the team, tried his damndest to get him eligible but couldn’t because what he did was sooo bad (he was that good too).

            As far as Mixon, the way you treat others that are weaker than you is a window to your soul. He walked away and didn’t look upset. He could have killed her and he didn’t care. That is who he is and no amount of therapy will change that. He can learn to control it, but a leopard doesn’t change his spots,

          • Oklahoma Updates

            As far as the first paragraph, yes. The DGB thing was mortifying.

            I believe your 2nd paragraph is 100% false. The “N” word brings out another level of hate and anger. As I’ve said, the racial implications of this is why it is so unique. You or I (I think) have no idea how we would handle it. I definitely believe Mixon could have handled it differently, but I also believe that he is not a bad person. That word brings out a different animal in people.

          • C Fowler

            Your key word is animal, words are words and sure most of us as light skinned folks have no real idea what that word means to blacks but my own opinion is no matter what anyone says when blacks CHOOSE to use that word in every form of conversation then that word is no more than a word….. Like the old saying do as I say, not as I do but we all know that is BS these days. We all should be good examples to everyone and well my point is if blacks don’t like that word then set the example for everyone and don’t use it yourself…..

          • Oklahoma Updates

            Two different meanings behind each word. Adding an “ER” is completely different than the word used in slang conversations and in songs.

            Come on. That’s ridiculous and sad.

          • Susan

            Oh and I know Bomar’s dad, he coached at a school my husband coached at. He was a pain in Bob’s side. Bob couldn’t stand him. So, that was an easy decision for him when Rhett screwed up.

            Bob was under a lot of pressure to win, he’s had some very lackluster seasons. He needed Mixon.

          • Oklahoma Updates

            He won the Sugar Bowl in 2013. He had Mayfield and Perine.

            He didn’t need Mixon.

          • mick

            Susan, Rhett Bomar was not expelled because of being a pain in the side. If you are married to a coach, and I am a retired coach, you’d know that most athletes are major pains, but pains we put up with, simply because we are teachers and coaches. No coach dismisses any player for being a pain in the side, or any part of their anatomy. I’d go so far to state that if Bomar was a “pain in the side” of Coach Stoops, Coach knew long before he extended a scholarship to him. And, I agree, Coach Stoops did not need the headache, the poor publicity, nor the athlete, who at the time, had never played a single play at the University of Oklahoma. Not only did he have Mayfield and Perine at the time, he also had Keith Ford, Alex Ross, and Rodney Anderson. Stoops didn’t need Mixon, the headache. I hope, if indeed, your husband is a coach, that he would not turn his back on a youngster, a player in need of help, guidance, or a mentor. As coaches, it’s what we do.

    • Dwight Schrute

      Broyles and Dusty were not 5* players in the slightest and were trouble makers.

      Bob took them under his wing…

      Jarboe.. big time player… expelled

      Metoyer.. 5* star player.. expelled

      Tell me.. Do you follow OU?

      Probably not close.

      Bob has sent dozens of players packing regardless of how good they are on the field.

      Bob has a relationship with his players. He knows them before they make it on campus.

      Bob and OU recruited Joe for years. Know his family. Know who he is.

      Joe made a horrific decision.

      Like Oklahoma updates said, HE COULD HAVE LEFT! He was removed from the team hundreds of miles away from home. He could have gone back home.. played football immediately for any JUCO and literally NO ONE that follows OU closely like you would even know his name.

      Instead Joe didn’t run but stayed. That to me shows character.He made Norman his home. He has faced his consequences every day.

      He received his punishment of the court.

      He received his punishment from the school.

      Joe is staying in Norman.

      Bob is staying in Norman

      JoeC.. boren.. staying.

    • mick

      Susan, the easy decision would have been to throw Mixon off of the team. He’d have moved onto another school, played well, and still made the NFL. Saving a kid, or at least trying to save a kid, should be supported. Anyone could quit. If you read the transcript, if you paid attention to the events as they really occurred, as testified, you’d know why the Judge handled the case as he did. An eighteen year old kid, made a mistake. Period. He’s paid his debt to society, and deservedly so. There were consequences to the actions. Mixon showed terrible judgement, and I certainly can’t condone his actions, but I am intelligent enough to know that eighteen year olds make mistakes, even worse, than Mixon has. I don’t want to vilify Amelia Molitor, but she has some MAJOR responsibility for what happened, as well. She didn’t have to follow Mixon into the restaurant, she chose to do so. She couldn’t let it go, and she caused the argument, one she willfully started with by her own actions, she willfully CHOSE to follow Mixon into the restaurant, she then willfully CHOSE to bring physicality to the situation, herself. Make no mistake, Molitor is no victim, nor did she get what she deserved. Mixon crossed a line that should never be crossed by any male. But, at the same time, Molitor jumped up and down, kicked dirt, and vomited hate speech all over that same line. Open your own eyes. Not everyone has the same dark outlook you seem to live with.

      • Susan

        Oh save me the bleeding heart crap. He did not pay a price, he got treated with kid gloves and boy did he learn his lesson, OU taught him to be such an upstanding citizen from his mistake that he tore a parking ticket up and threw it in the parking attendants face, then got in his car, inching it at her (female again), acting like he was going to hit her.

        And from the looks of the video, HE followed Amelia into the restaurant.

        As I said a leopard doesn’t change his spots. Anyone who thinks he paid his price and has learned his lesson is delusional.

        • mick

          Ma’am, I’m not a bleeding heart. Frankly, I think Coach Stoops, Joe Castiglione, and President Boren, under difficult circumstances, made the correct decision.
          I’m not really familiar with the parking incident, but I do recall Coach Stoops benching him for a half, possibly the game. I doubt he’s the first to take issue with a parking attendant. Mr. Mixon is not a leopard, but a human being. He did his 100 hours of community service as the Judge set forth as his penalty. The University further suspended him for the season.
          Based on your statement, it’s evident that you don’t know the facts. There were witnesses to both. This isn’t new, the statements have been reported for some time. The record, and the witnesses were clear. Ms. Molitor followed Mixon into the restaurant, and started the discussion again. That’s fact. I think it’s also part of the report released by the police, from their interview. Basically, Mixon’s story was corroborated by witnesses.
          I see two youngsters who both made very poor decisions, not one. Apparently, you’ve formed your opinion without knowing the facts of the case, as is your prerogative. The thing that I don’t understand is why. You are dealing with youngsters. Mixon an 18 year old, Ms. Molitor 20 years old. How can you find the young lady with zero fault? You’ve not mention anything about her, with the exception of her being a victim. Mixon didn’t just walk up and clock her, and she certainly did start this incident. She’s no angel, herself. The police department knows her, she’s made a few mistakes herself. It’s been reported that her record includes a few arrests in her twenty years. She has a police record, something I’m certain the Judge and Prosecutor took into consideration. It includes, but may not be limited to, a bust for minor in possession, another for marijuana, and one for shoplifting. I don’t think any of that makes Ms. Molitor a bad person, it makes her criminal. It makes her a kid, whose made a few mistakes. Joe Mixon made a terrible mistake, one time. It was a serious mistake, but kids do these kinds of things. They happen. Condemning only one, yet not the actual instigator, is just as wrong as Mixon’s reaction to the abuse Ms. Molitor targeted Joe Mixon with.
          I certainly can’t condone Mixon’s reaction to the young lady, but I do understand that sometimes youngster make poor decisions. Joe Mixon was not the only person to make a poor decision during this incident.

          Your last remarks speaks more to your character.

  • Donny B

    I guess I don’t understand the argument. Everyone knew when it happened that it was horrible and a decision that Mixon would be punished for and would have to live with for the rest of his life.
    Why does seeing the video almost 2 years later change anything?
    Coach Stoops and the University punished Joe Mixon and the easiest thing for him would have been to leave and start somewhere else. He would have had to sit out for a year either way.
    Personally, it shows me more about his character that he chose to stay and learn from his bad decision than going starting new somewhere else.
    The Universities across the country would have been lined up to get him.
    I am a dog lover and I personally think Michael Vick’s punishment should have been more severe. But he went through the process and he should be able to get on with his life.
    The same for Joe Mixon. You may not agree with the punishment, but he served his and should be able to live and make better decisions.
    And Lastly, I would hate to only be judged by some decisions that I made when I was 18 years old.

  • Dwight Schrute

    Both Joe and Amelia did wrong.
    This has nothing to do with her being white, girl, blonde, short

    This has nothing to do with him being black, tall, big, and a football star.

    NO ONE has the right or privilege ESPECIALLY MINORS to underage drink, curse in public, derogatory slang, push, spit, slap or punch!

    • TAK-J

      Well said. I agree with you 100%. It’s as if everyone is looking past the fact that underage drinking was involved as well as both of them made bad decisions.

  • Susan

    He’s a punk. Bob, Joe C and Boren have set a standard that OU is extremely lenient on violence against women. The school is tarnished. They all may get to stay but they are low life’s who care more about winning than they do stopping this culture in football.

    Excuse it and rationalize it all you want. They said it’s ok with them. He barely got a slap on the wrist. Her face was shattered. She didn’t recover for months and he gets to be a star. And people who are ok with it aren’t any better.

    • Oklahoma Updates

      We all have a right to an opinion.

      Enjoy your evening, Susan.

  • cbcnd1

    If I’m the coach this POS would be GONE!!!

  • John

    Great story. The best decisions are never easy. The uninformed and those with bias and hidden agenda will react to the media spinning lights. Exaggerated hot button descriptions, false equivalences, lies and intentional omissions of relevant fact are their game, while the truth just stands waiting for discovery when sheep learn to feed on wisdom. This is an awesome story of love, dedication, strength and redemption, even when it followed admitted mistake. Sadly the haters do not see, success in life begins woven with failure, and is always he most important ingredient to every successful journey. Get up and move on!

  • arniemax

    Mixon…a bad decision?…an action that’s a social norm in celeb sports.
    “Educating our young men and women that violence is never a solution,
    physical or verbal — which is something that we all can agree on”. Right…stars act out…kids follow their sports heroes. forget home…if he were a ‘regular’ guy..felony assault. It’s ridiculous pandering to the new social ‘norms’ .’ Ho’s, Bitches’…..They’re already degraded in this lovely ‘new society’ we embrace. It’s not all good ! Bad decisions are also what are made in murder…personal restraint is an inside job.

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