Recruiting Outlook: 2018 Quarterbacks


2018 Outlook: Quarterbacks

Lucky for me, Lincoln Riley has already locked his quarterback up for the 2018 class. Cameron Rising is one of, if not the best quarterbacks in the country in his recruiting class. Let’s dive into his tape:

Cameron Rising~

Precision, anticipation, and pocket presence are three things that separate a good quarterback prospect from a special one. Most prospects have the perfect blend of arm strength, size, and speed, but the ones who can make throws under pressure, on the run, and into tight windows are the ones who become elite. Cameron Rising shows that. His ability to put the ball wherever he wants it is the major characteristic that sticks out to me. As you can see in the tape, Rising rarely leaves the football in a spot that the defender can make a play on it. It is those kinds of throws that carry on with him to the next level. Sure, the game continues to speed up as you move up in competition, but that is something an athlete adjusts to. 

One thing you are beginning to see with Lincoln Riley’s quarterback recruits is that they have the “it” factor. They are never the fastest, never have the strongest arm, but they just get the job done. Rising continues along the Austin Kendall and Chris Robison mold as guys who continue to exceed their god-given abilities, and he might be Riley’s best one yet.


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