Friday Mailbag 7/29

(Image via SportsDay Dallas News)

Big XII Media Days are over, Stoops’ BBQ is happening, Fall Camp is right around the corner and that means the first podcast should be dropping fairly soon! Today’s tweets have a strong BYU taste to it, and I dig it.


Honestly, I’m not really buying Iowa State as much as others. The new coaching staff wants to heavily run the ball and they’re re-working that OL– also not to mention the Sooners play the Cyclones on a short week, which means ISU has less time to prepare for OU. I’m going with WVU.


I don’t even think this is a question for a lot of Oklahoman men and women. Whether or not the Pokes and their Officials like to say it, they have been riding the coattails of the Sooners for a very long time and I don’t ever see it changing. So, wherever OU is, OSU will be there too. Rumor says that OU was invited to the SEC a while back, but the SEC didn’t want OSU and it nullified the process.


I think many of the Big XII schools have that game circled. The Cougars carry an established brand that can’t be ignored and I have a pretty good idea that OU fans will likely remember Sam Bradford getting hurt and less about the game itself.


Here’s my personal breakdown of candidates:

  1. BYU
  2. Cincinnati
  3. UCONN
  4. Houston
  5. Memphis

I think BYU and Cincy are no-brainers for the Big XII when you consider the Bearcats have normally been serviceable in football and certainly more than average in basketball. From there, it gets pretty messy. UConn’s football program is meh, but their basketball programs perform at a high level in both gender sports and it generates quite a bit of money. I keep flip flopping on Houston and Memphis because of money, sports success, and facilities. I can see 8+ Big XII schools voting in Memphis before they vote in Houston when you consider recruiting, though.


I found this tweet relatively interesting! I don’t think we’ll see Arthur McGinnis make a large impact this year, nor McKinney. But I really want Jordan Smallwood to succeed. That guy is RIPPED– he makes me think of Josh Norman with how thick he is. If he stays healthy, I have a feeling that he’ll see some field time.

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