Friday Mailbag 7/8

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Tough week of Thunder Free Agency got you down? Mail bag should be the pick-me-up you need. Also, keep in mind that Big XII Media days are right around the corner– July 18/19th.


That’s actually a pretty good question– people feared that if Stoops picked up Cobb (again), that maybe Tre Brown or Trajan Bandy would be out. Well, Tre Brown tweeted out the following after Cobb re-committed to the Sooners.

So, that says something now doesn’t it? I know Bandy still has visits to Miami and S. Carolina and there is a lot of temptation from a South Beach kid to go play for the Canes, so that’s something to keep an eye on. As far as Valentin goes, he’s still not in the database but he did tweet out the post game Big XII Title rap by Malcolm Kelly the other day.


I mean….. Never say never, right? Honestly, I DO see Trae playing in Norman. Unfortunately, I see him with a Jayhawk on his jersey while being coached by Billy Self. So probably yes. Also, sweet picture of Lauren Chamberlain.


LT: Orlando Brown, Bobby Evans

LG: Cody Ford, Ashton Julious

C: Jonathan Alvarez, Eric Wren

RG: Ben Powers, Jamal Danley

RT: Dru Samia, Christian Daimler


I suggest lots of naps. Maybe some highlight videos and replays of games that aren’t miserable to watch? The summer Olympics might be fun? There’s beach volleyball and basketball. Like I said, Big XII Media Days are less than two weeks away and that means August is right around the corner.


join @KeganOUUpdated, @OUupdatedSB, and I next week! The first podcast will be out in about two weeks-ish.


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