Friday Mailbag 7/1

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If you’re a stressed out Thunder fan with Kevin Durant’s Free Agency weekend looming, here’s a bit to relax your brain with some of the questions you guys sent in:

Jeffery Mead is an interesting dude– he’s tall, he high points the ball well, and he’s shown the ability to produce on the field. Being another year more mature along with being under Riley’s system with some form of continuity will have him be a solid contributor to next year’s lineup. I think he’ll make some catches that romance us, but he’s under the depth chart behind Westbrook, Andrews, Lewis, Baxter, and maybe even AD Miller.


I think that Trae Young’s recruitment is interesting– he’s being pursued by the who’s-who of college basketball and it would be an absolute steal if Kruger could get his signature. As far as his recruitment goes, it’s been fairly quiet, but I know what you’re after. If I had to put my finger on it, I’d say he actually ends up at either Kentucky or Kansas.


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DM from @TrentPence:

I wouldn’t necessarily say that Jordan Thomas is off the team– but regardless what other sites are saying, I’d wait till Stoops gives official word. Let’s say JT is missing for the Houston opener, I wouldn’t be “scared” of Houston– I’d be more concerned with the front seven containing Ward than anything else.

There are a couple of freshman that have the opportunity to make a splash and they seem pretty consensus to me: Caleb Kelly on D, Mykel Jones on O. Anything I’ve heard or read about Kelly tells me that he’s been great in all facets.

Yes. It’s bad. Don’t do it. But since we’re here, let’s talk about it anyway. It would be gnarly and no defense in the contiguous 48 states would stand a chance in keeping the Sooners under 30 points per game. That being said, I don’t expect 2-3 of those dudes to be here next year if this coming season goes according to plan.


Tyrion  will be found to also be a Targaryen and he’ll split the six kingdoms (The Iron  Islands are getting
independence from Daenerys) with Jon [Targaryen/Snow] and the Mother of Dragons. Also, to keep the bloodline pure, Jon will marry Daenerys.


Thanks to those that sent in your questions, be on the lookout for next week’s as well! Send in any thoughts and/or other messages to @OUupdatedSB, @KeganOUUpdated, and I.

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